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History of the Providence Regular Missionary Baptist Association, Inc. This great Association organized in 1834, near the slavery line and also having had the unpleasant experience of being denied Christian fellowship by their white brethren, made them more conscious of the task that lay before them in the fields of...
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Ministerial Staff


Rev. Keith Jackson 2nd Vice Moderator
Hours: By Appointment Email: jackson4@horizonview.net Tel: (740) 655-2912
Hours: By Appointment Email: gaa1989@yahoo.com Tel: (740) 388-8814
Rev. Melvin O. Freeman 1st Vice Moderator
Hours: By Appointment Email: office@providenceohio.org Tel: (740) 894-5505


Mission & Vision

"Being fully persuaded that we have been placed in our respective vineyards to be laborers with Christ in His most sovereign purpose to draw His chosen unto Himself through the proclamation of the gospel message, we refuse to surrender our charge to preach Jesus Christ, His efficacious death, burial, glorious resurrection, and atoning blood without which there is not remission of sins according to the scriptures. Because we believe this is our reason for existence, we will continue to worship Him in spirit and in truth persevering by His grace until we breathe our last, or He comes in the clouds to take us unto Himself. By His mighty power may we be found faithful, courageous, Christians for Christ giving no quarter to the devil." Surrender never, Persevere until He comes. Scriptures: I Cor. 3:9a; John 4:24; I Cor. 15:1-4; Heb. 9:22