Ministers and Deacons’ Institute 

Rev. Calvin Minnis, President
(740) 388-9778

Rev. Robert Young, Vice President
(740) 646-8154

The objective of this institute shall be to promote brotherly love, unity of faith and to form a more perfect union and fellowship among ministers and deacons, having as its chief concern the promotion of the cause of Christ.

Women’s Auxiliary

Sis. Brandee Jackson, President

Sis. Beverly Jackson, Vice President

Sis. Sabrina Hurt, Secretary

The call of Christ of the women of our denomination is urgent and imperative and whereas this call has as its objective the enlistment of our Christian womanhood in the the evangelization of the world and work of the kingdom, and whereas we believe that in union there is strength; therefore, we the women of the Providence Regular Missionary Baptist Association do unite and engage our forces with that of the association and pledge our loyalty and consecration of Life to its Divine purposes.

Our objective shall be to enlist our women, youth and children of Providence in doing a greater, cooperative missionary and educational work.

Laymen’s League

Bro. Richard M. Payne, President; (740) 645-0177

Bro. Andy Gilmore, Vice-President

Dea. Larry Smith, Secretary; (304) 521-8892

The purpose of the Laymen’s League is to promote the cultivation of the spiritual life and Christian living of the members of the movement through private and corporate prayer, daily Bible reading and stud, reading of other Christian and devotional literature, church attendance and worship, family devotions, special services of commitment and dedication, retreats and personal Christian services

Youth Auxiliary

Min. Marlin Griffin, Youth Director

Kiandra Martin, President

Jarrell Scott, Vice President

Sunday School/B.T.U. Convention

James Williams, President  (740) 388-9156

Roger Cosby, Vice President
(740) 286-1776

Martha Cosby, Secretary
(740) 286-1776


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    Providence Regular Missionary Baptist Association

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